Imagine that a company is a car, and the role of financing becomes clear. In essence, it's fuel.

Eileen Davis

If you can't get your funding from Global American Syndicate, you probably can't get it anywhere.

Board of Directors of Global American Syndicate

Company Profile

Global American Syndicate is US Corporation incorporated in 1999 year in free economic zone of USA.

Main activity of Global American Syndicate is international financial services World Wide.

100% of Global American Syndicate (GAS) shares was sold in April 1999.


Looking beyond conventional boundaries to find new ways of delivering financial products and services is imperative in today's competitive business world. It demands a keen eye for opportunity and a trusted partner who understands your need for customized solutions, market access, efficiency, volume and your product knowledge.

Global American Syndicate is the independent provider of specialized, investment products and services of Financial Groups. Whether we're arranging standard capital placements, establishing our own underwriting facilities to you give new channels of distribution, or developing new products that help you differentiate from your competitors so our promise is to help you expand and strengthen your client base.

Customized Financial Solutions

By excelling in customer communication and investing in GAS quality carrier
relationships, we're able to respond to individual client needs with long-term, reliable financial solutions. We focus on cost-effective investment strategies that produce tangible client benefits. Our flexible, resourceful investment approaches enables us to quickly create investment opportunity for our clients. Being opportunistic means we develop the right investment products and service for the right client base at the right time. This gives you the ability to enhance your existing revenue sources and create new revenue sources ahead of the competition. We serve clients "Without Prejudice"!!!

Financial Market Access

To give you access to superior financial products and service with competitive price, Global American Syndicate uses the most reputable, cost effective suppliers of capital in financial industry. We offer broad-based investment strength in the areas of financial services and programs as a part of business consultant service for customer. We've also leveled the playing field by developing several specialized financial products and exclusive investment arrangements that help you compete on a national scale.

Efficiency and Volume

Global American Syndicate manages the investment projects details, so you can focus on your client base and new marketing opportunities. As your business partner, we constantly look for ways to help you maximize efficiency and increase volume while minimizing costs. One of our key strengths is our investment service. Through the use of increased information technology, we have committed to improving our ability to deliver proactive investment solutions that help clients meet their business objectives.

Financial Product Knowledge

Our investment broking and underwriting disciplines are staffed by financil experts and industry-specific specialists who understand your need for precision, speed and reliability. Our ability to develop new financial products and innovative channels of distribution is the driving force behind our success. By serving as a capital arm to firms with limited finance resources, Global American Syndicate can broaden your scope of services while reducing your professional liability exposure. We not only help you provide new products, but more sophisticated products that are customized to your client's needs.


The Future belong to those who belive in the Future!

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